3 Top Tips to Enjoy the Christmas Cheer (and arrive feeling healthy next year)

3 Top Tips to Enjoy the Christmas Cheer (and arrive feeling healthy next year)

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Christmas time is so much fun but it’s also a hectic time of the year. With all the Christmas planning, end of year tasks to finish, family gatherings your to do list is probably feeling overwhelming to say the least.


This season is full of emotions and temptations all around us, glaring and inviting us in especially if one is feeling stressed – it can be easy to throw all caution to the wind and regret it afterwards.


If you want to take charge and be the one in control with food this season, the key is being pro-active, planning and making some decisions beforehand.


Here are three top tips to help you enjoy the Christmas cheer and arrive feeling healthy into next year.


These three tips will help you lay the groundwork for a healthy and happy 2020.


Start by taking a few minutes to sit down with some paper and create your plan.


I promise you it will be worth it !

Step 1: Get in the driver’s seat


 The best place to start is by making some intentional decisions ahead of time. This puts you in control rather than reacting to, all the unexpected things and events that happen when you are exposed to tempting foods during your holidays.


Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How do you want to feel at the end of your holidays?

 Here’s one of my examples:

  • I want to feel in control, energized, calm and rested at the end of my holidays


If feeling this way is my goal how would I eat?

 Here’s an example from one of my clients:

  • I am eating to fuel my body and mind so that I have the energy to enjoy all holiday activities with my family

I find that focusing on this perspective can really shift your mindset.

  • You may choose to eat in a way that contributes to you feeling light and energized


  • You may want to avoid mindless eating and feel bloated and weighed down…


 What will help you stay committed to your plan?

 Here’s an example from one of my clients:

  • I will set a reminder on my phone to drink more water


Step 2. Go Deep

 Decide how you would like to feel on the first day of 2020.

– Take a few moments and picture yourself waking up on the 1st-2020

  • How do you want to feel – physically and emotionally?

Here are some examples of desired feelings:

  • Energized
  • Calm
  • Motivated
  • Mentally clear
  • Grounded
  • Excited

Step 3. Create Your Plan

The key here is to create a plan that is realistic and one you feel confident sticking to. Focus on what’s possible and do-able over the next few weeks.

 Revisit step 2– and write down how you wanted to feel – physically and emotionally on January 1-2020

And then create the steps to help you build this feeling.

For example:

Want to feel calm?

 – What small practices or preparations might help grow this sense of peace?

 – Can you spend a few minutes in meditation each day?

 – What activities can you preplanner to take the stress of having to do it on the spot?

 Want to feel energized?

 – Can prioritize sleep?

– How can you say “NO” to the non-essentials?

– Can you commit to staying hydrated?

 – How can you create a time daily to take a walk?

 – Can you pre-order your groceries?


And finally turn your feeling into actionable steps

 Here are some examples:

  • I want to feel like I know my next step.
  • I want to feel like I am working on ____. 
  • I want to feel like I am learning to ____. 
  • I want to feel like I am building the habit of ____.


And lastly and most importantly, let go of perfection. 

Plan on tweaking and adjusting your plan as you go along…

 Get curious and observe where and when your plans go well and where and when they don’t.

  • Notice the strategies that work for you and ones that don’t.


And most of all give yourself permission to create and tweak rather than judging yourself for not getting it perfect.

 Just give it your best shot and let go of all or nothing thinking.


Now it’s over to you…

  • What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to Holiday overeating or emotional eating?


Please leave me a comment and share your thoughts and the strategies that you intend to put into place these holidays.

If you’ve been less than successful with overeating lately, lets chat and identify what’s been getting in the way of your good intentions.

Imagine being in control of your eating over Christmas..

How would that feel?

It’s Free and it might change your life.

Irena Geller

Emotional Eating Coach

BSc (Biomed), Cert IV (PT), Wellness Coach (Level 3))

I coach busy women to put down their fork and pick up their life.  

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