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3 Strategies For a Healthy Relationship With Food

Want To Feel Comfortable Around Food AND Be Free Of Cravings?




In This 27th October Masterclass, You'll Discover:


The #1 thing you must do (it’s NOT about food) to eat the right portions, feel comfortable around food AND be free of cravings.


3 simple yet powerful ways to eat well consistently – even at social occasions – so you feel HAPPY and energised.


One important step to feel in complete control around food with ease, freedom and confidence.


Practical, simple-to-understand steps that actually work and are easy to implement, so you know exactly what to do and how to get started with consistent healthy eating.

This is a must to attend If...

You DON'T Know where to Start

You’ll get a practical game plan and total clarity.

You’ve been trying to
Stop Emotional Eating

And you really need a confidence boost.

You Just Need to know What to Do

So you can finally stop wasting time and start getting results.

You‘re Sick of Struggling

NOW, you want to know how to cope without turning to food.

You need a Clear Plan

 A blueprint of effective action steps that get real results.

It Has to Be SIMPLE

Easy to maintain and have a BIG impact.

Join Me in Class And Receive (for FREE):

Your 3-Step Guide for Healthy Relationship with Food.

Designed to meet the needs of your unique lifestyle so you can keep using this guide for years to come.Your 3-Step Guide for Healthy Relationship with Food is the icing on the cake to stop emotional eating for LIFE! 

If you attend the webinar, I’ll give you a bonus – the one important secret (that will change everything) I used to take charge of my emotional eating and shed over 50kg..FOR GOOD!!  

Save your spot, show up, and snag this bonus!

Just a Small Sample of our Amazing Graduates

“I signed up for the DownsizeMe Program because I knew I wanted to change my relationship with food and needed to focus  on my health and I wanted to be a good role model for my children. I am 10kg lighter and I can finally eat with freedom , with out going hungry in just 12 short weeks. I feel light, bright and I’m so proud of being a great role model for my children. You are the best kept secret Irena. Thank you so much!”

Miriam Feiler , Singapore

“When I started the DownsizeMe Program, I was fed up with diets and I doubted myself. In just 6 months my life has turned around, I am 10kg lighter and so much happier. I am celebrating the fact that I fit into a T-shirt I got a few years ago! And I feel that I couldn’t have done it on my own. Irena helped me to become more aware of the sabotages I found myself in – I am so grateful to you Irena.”

Kerrie Abello, Sydney

“When I started the DownsizeMe Program I was literally eating my emotions and feeling helpless. I had done many different diet programs but they never addressed the mindset like this program does. I have lost over 5kg, dropped 2 dress sizes and I feel amazing. I no longer eat my emotions, I deal with them and I am so much more confident. Thank you so much Irena.”

Belinda Foote, Sydney

“I was sick of the weight  roller coaster ride, mood swings and low energy. I was drowning my sorrows in wine nightly to help me cope.  The 3 biggest benefits I have gained from doing the DownsizeMe Program are: #1 I am 34kg down and still going. #2- I have very little wine. #3- I run every single day(This was my goal). I feel that I have finally found my permanent life style solution (not just a temporary band-aid), I will forever be grateful to you Irena.”

Lily Walkani, Sydney

“When I started the DownsizeMe Program I was fed up and tired of the daily grind of my life and clothes that didn’t fit me.  I have dropped 12kg and now feel 20 years younger. My confidence has skyrocketed and I love the fact that I can  wear what ever my heart desires .And I’m loving all the compliments I’m getting. But best of all- I am in complete control of how I think, how I act and how I behave . Seriously the best money spent ever! Thank you, thank you Irena!”

Claire Randellin, VIC

A Note from Irena...

After 10 years in business, hundreds of clients and 99% success results, I can confidently say that repairing your relationship with food comes down to the power of the mind-changing your thought patterns around food.

I also know that building a healthy relationship with food is a very personal thing. If you want to go on the journey with someone who has been there and can support you every step of the way – this masterclass is for you.

When you have a  healthier and more enjoyable relationship with food ,  you will finally be in the right mindset to kick comfort eating for GOOD!

I want to help you succeed so you can live the LIFE you deserve, feeling HAPPY, energised and confident wearing the clothes you love.

If you’re willing to invest just 60 minutes to get fully up to speed on the most powerful ways to create healthier habits so you can eat well consistently..… even if you are struggling right now, then I promise to reward your energy with only the latest evidence-based strategies that will work for you.

See you there!



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