How a Health & Wellness Coach Can Help You Thrive

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This week is International Coaching Week and I am very proud to be Health & Wellness coach!

Today I wanted to share with you Why I love what I do and HOW a coach can help you change your mind and your life!

So, I am going to start by sharing my specialty, and it is helping 35+smart, capable women, to end their struggles with excess weight, stress and self-belief, using their own strength & capability.

Why did I choose this path?

I chose this path when I realised there was a missing link…

About 8 years ago, I was stuck and fed-up with the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting, starting, falling off track, and getting nowhere fast. But I had a burning desire for long term lasting results and to be in charge of my life, rather than feeling like a victim.

After having tried every method, every therapy, every book on the subject, nothing worked until I discovered the life-altering truth: the key to sustainable change is through the mind and developing self-awareness.

By resolving the conflicts at the root of my emotional eating , working through my mind blocks and working with a coach who followed the Health & Wellness coaching model , I achieved FREEDOM and took control of my eating , my weight and my life!

That’s when I discovered that missing link and the reason why I fell in love with Health & Wellness coaching.

Why is change so difficult?

Firstly the question is, “Why—If programs and interventions are available, why aren’t changes occuring?”

A lifetime of habits and behaviors will not change overnight, but change can occur when a client understands the behavior that supports their lifestyle risk(s).

Most smart, capable women find change overwhelming and challenging. There are many reasons for this and two that we can easily recognise:

ONE. Change requires stepping out of our comfort zone.

TWO. Change requires acceptance of the unknown – which can be scary.

My job is to work with you where you feel comfortable and at a speed that feels right for you.

So, what is Health & Wellness Coaching

So simply put it is an inclusive, holistic approach of creating better wellness though self-awareness.Health & Wellness coaching “bridges the gap” between orthodox healthcare within organizational systems and behavioral change.

Health & Wellness Coaching is the facilitation of peak physical, mental, emotional, (some)spiritual, social, and environmental health.

A Health & Wellness coach can help you reach a place of balance.

Health is defined not just by what we eat but also by the health of our relationships. Spirituality, physical fitness and our day to day schedule and lifestyle. It’s being healthy, in body and mind.

An approach to total life management in a holistic way, with the support of Mind-Body practices that help to empower the individuals receiving the coaching to have greater vitality and capacity to energetically seek to fulfil their intentions and goals.

 A coach doesn’t just point to a mountain and tell you to climb it in order to reach the top.  They climb it with you.

This is HOW I help you climb that mountain:

I consider you to be the expert of your life.

As a Health & Wellness coach I believe that you are in the driver’s seat, so that you can create a life aligned with your authentic self and core values, because only you know what is best for you, it’s your life and you are the master.

What I do is create a space for you to be truly you and let go off all the stuff that weighs you down and:

  • I listen to you and ask you thought-provoking questions, while demonstrating compassion and empathy.

  • I help you to build the bridge between your dream or goal and the final result.

  • By helping you to break down the walls of old habits that no longer serve you.

  • I help you identify and use your strengths become aware of your limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits.

Here is How a health & wellness coach changes your mindset so you can get control of your life.

We know that slow change lasts…

1. Imagine a life of your ideal health and wellness

This is your Vision for the future, a future you feel excited by, and connected to.

  • The journey begins with you getting clear about what’s important to you and what you want in.

Perhaps you imagine a day where you are calm, energized and focused. You are enjoying your work instead of feeling overwhelmed — attending calmly and creatively to one task at a time.

You are feeling grateful for what you have, rather than being stuck in a chronic state of criticism or self-doubt. You make time most days for physical activity that feels good, and you are making time for cooking and healthy meals with your family most evenings.

These are just some of the questions that I ask you to help you build your vision:

  • Close your eyes and visualise yourself being that person. How do you feel?

  • What else would change in your life?

  • Why is THAT important to you?

  • What else would change in your life?

2.Creating Healthy Habits

After your Vision creation it’s time to work out the daily or weekly habits you need to do to achieve that.

And creating behavioural goals that you are motivated to continue that will take you in the direction of what you want.

These are just some of the questions that I ask you to help you create behavioural goals:

  • What are YOUR cornerstone habits that will make other things fall into place?

  • What will you need to do differently each week to maintain healthy eating habits?

My mission is striving to be a source of empowerment, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, and education.

Your best ally and a source of accountability.

And the most important thing is that Health & Wellness coaching helps you to stretch your mind!

“The heart of a good Health & Wellness coaching session is the mind-stretching part. It’s a creative process whereby your coach helps you experience an insight, an “aha moment.” It could be a shift in perspective or discovery of a blind spot.

Over time these small shifts add up to a whole new mindset, and you outgrow your old one. 

While your mind stretches, so do your capacities. Your new neural pathways allow you to become more creative. You find strengths and resources that were underemployed. You leverage positive feelings to balance your stress and, voilà, you get more done, more quickly, with more JOY”-Margaret Moore

How can I help you to make conscious, intentional choices for your health, success, & happiness?


1.Wellcoaches School

If you feel ready to build the bridge between your dream and the life you are craving, lets chat. 

It’s Free and it might change your life.
Irena Geller
Emotional Eating Coach
BSc (Biomed), Cert IV (PT), Wellness Coach (Level 3))
I coach busy women to put down their fork and pick up their life®.  
 If you want to lose weight, feel proud of yourself and eat with freedom, book a free 15-min mini-coaching session with me and I’ll show you how to liberate yourself from your inner critic.”






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