How Arabella Keeno Got A Younger Body After 30years Of Unhealthy Habits

Winning At Weight Loss : How Arabella Got A Younger Body After 30years Of Unhealthy Habits.

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Permanent weight loss is totally achievable!

Just ask Arabella, who revamped her thought patterns around food, lost 10 kg and feels energetic, stronger and healthier than ever.

She said: “

I have lost 10 kg -I feel so much lighter and happier and I am more agile and strong”

Arabella knew she wanted to lose weight when she realized she was always tired, unhappy, and “most importantly, out of love with myself” she recalls.

The challenges

Suffering from chronic pain , stiffness and extreme fatigue from having  fibromyalgia and Endometriosis caused bloating and weight gain. She was turning to food to soothe feelings of guilt and anger, and just couldn’t shake the weight off.

“I basically self-medicated with food,”

“I was “all over the shop”, I had no idea what I wanted to do and lacked focus and organisational skills BUT most of all I had no self-awareness and constantly doubted myself”

she said.

The added weight exhausted Arabella as she tried to keep up with her two young ­children. It also made her more self-conscious in social situations.

The light bulb moment

She knew that she deserved a better life and wanted to feel lighter, energized and strong.

“Iwant to be a great role model for my children and enjoy the free time that comes from not having to focus on my weight.” she quoted.

 And then she found DownsizeMe.

“It was only then that I was able to shift those stubborn 10kg” she noted.

 With the guidance

she found in the DownsizeMe Program, she reached her weight loss goal and, more importantly, feels good about herself and confident to put herself out there.

“It felt daunting to make such bug changes, but very rewarding. And now I know it can be done! “

When Arabella first joined DownsizeMe she doubted herself felt anxious and overwhelmed, stuck in a habitual pattern of saying YES to everything and everyone.

“I do what I have to do. I don’t want to let others down, but I may let myself down.” she said.

Arabella credits her transformation with a change in her mindset and thinking patterns.

 “I am so much more aware of my thoughts and now understand where my limiting beliefs come from and how to replace them with new thoughts.”

Arabella has lost over 10kg and kept it off and feels so proud of her achievements!

“In just 6 months I have changed both inside and out- my life has turned around, I feel lighter, clearer, and my body has totally transformed. I am 10kg lighter due to the consistency of exercising and mindful eating. “

 Success Summary

The Big Achievements:

Losing 10 kg; being pain-free, kicking her comfort food habit.

“I am so excited because my blood sugar has reduced and my cholesterol levels are normal”

Now, she’s lost 10kg and is still losing, all with one simple change: mindful eating.

“I am present in all situations and aware of the reasons for my hunger.Planning ahead has allowed me you to be mindful with my food choices. “

 “In just 6 months I have changed both inside and out- my life has turned around, I feel lighter, clearer, and my body has totally transformed. I am 10kg lighter due to the consistency of exercising and mindful eating. “

Consistent Exercise Habit

 Arabella is exercising consistently and is now pain-free from fibromyalgia.

Regular exercise has been proven by research to help with pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia.

” I have developed a healthy habit of exercising and I do it daily with joy

“Exercising makes me so happy, my muscles and ligaments thank me and I have so much more energy”

“My body has changed due to the consistency of exercising. I have collar bones!!!!” 

Healthy Eating Habit

She has is now consistent with healthy eating and regular food preparation.

“My body has changed due to the consistency of healthy eating and it’s a way of life for me Now’


Arabella is taking good care of her emotional needs.

“I know that to perform at my best I must look after myself both inside and out and patting myself on the back for my achievements”

Big Inspirations

“To be a good role model for my children and to be pain free from fibromyalgia. Have more energy, feel lighter and get the most out of life:. she said

What Worked

Making changes gradually

“I never pushed to make a ton of changes at one time. They happened slowly, like trying to eat more vegetables”

The weekly coaching and support

Arabella said:

The coaching sessions have been life-changing, when you’re getting coached – you are digging deep, you become conscious of your thoughts”

“I was able to accept that I am human, who makes mistakes and that’s ok”

These sessions enabled Arabella to become aware of the thinking patterns that were holding her back and getting I her way.

“My past no longer rules me, I have let go of my old values and beliefs”

“I love the practical, simple-to-understand steps that Irena takes you through, they are so easy to implement.”

What Didn’t Work

Yo-Yo dieting, being too critical of herself, striving for perfection and many attempts to follow various diets and weight-loss programs.

Words of Wisdom

Arabella said:

“If you thinking about doing the DownsizeMe Program – you should do it! Acting is the first step! Irena is full of amazing knowledge, very encouraging and helpful. The best part though is that it’s up to you. You are the one that is accountable to you and Irena is a great guide in helping you achieve your greatness!” 

“And I feel that I couldn’t have done it on my own. Irena helped me to become more aware of the sabotages I found myself in. “Irena believed in me! And I believed in me too!”

Arabella is now tackling life with great tools she has learned and smashing it.

She said:

“I now believe in myself and I am honouring all my commitments to myself”

“I feel lighter and full of joy and protected. I am calm, connected and natural. I have unwavering self-belief. I am FREE”

Arabella, congratulations on your incredible commitment and the results of your great habits! 

Now imagine what your life would be like if just like Arabella, you knew how to address your emotions, build consistent healthy eating habits, and had the tools for handling tough situations that don’t include turning to food.

Did you know that despite previous dieting attempts, setbacks and struggles, many women have successfully jumped off the dieting roller coaster, freed their mind from the anguish of emotional eating, achieved hormonal balance and NOW enjoy good health and happiness.

 And best of all, they have achieved permanent weight loss while prioritizing their own needs–even if it feels like they are too busy.

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 I want to show you what DOES work.

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