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I've been sharing the love here and there. Check out my latest articles around the world.

in the media

I've been sharing the love here and there. Check out my latest articles around the world.

Rose bay rotary

I was guest Speaker for the Rose Bay Rotary recently and discussed how to open the gates for self-care. I shared three healthy ways to take care of your emotional needs and stop using food/alcohol as your therapist.

Look at the reflections from the day here: 

Inside small business

I wrote an article on “The three steps to closing the lid on emotional eating”. It’s about the challenges of being a mumpreneur and balancing it all – there’s so much to do, so much to remember, and everything’s vying for their attention. Juggling kids, family, business and personal time can feel like chaos and staying on top of it all can seem near impossible!

Read the whole article here:

Boost your mood with food

I recently wrote an article on ‘How to boost your mood with food’.

Have you ever had a sugar fix when you felt stressed and then felt lethargic and irritable afterwards?

There’s no doubt about it: what we eat, has a direct impact on our physical health.

But did you know that those same choices can also influence your mood, mental alertness, memory, and emotional wellbeing?

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3 Essential Steps To Being A Happy, Emotion-Free Eater

This article I wrote was featured in The Carousel. It’s all about finding healthier ways to deal with your emotions, learning to eat mindfully and helping you to put a stop to emotional eating.

It’s never too late to make a positive change.

You can read the whole article here:

How One Woman Found Food Freedom

I recently shared my personal story with The Carousel  about how I changed my mindset and habits to lose 50kg and transform my life.

In this article I share the 3 valuable lessons that I have learned from this journey.

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How To Create a Schedule That Eliminates Stress

I recently wrote an article on ‘How to create a schedule that eliminates stress’.

Have you ever felt that life is overwhelming – being constantly on the go, with all the to-do items on their list and in their head. Leaving them feeling like there is too much to do, too much responsibility and too little control.

This article looks at stress, why we feel it, and some practical tips for making your life easier to manage and less stressful.


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Find Tips On How To Eat Right For Your Body Type

This article I wrote was featured in The Carousel. It’s all about understanding your body type, and eating the right food for YOU.

This is a good starting point for finding your best eating plan, and to help you have realistic expectations about what you can achieve with your body.

You can read the whole article here:

4 Easy Ways To Stop Using Food As Your Escape Parachute

This one is for those of us who struggle with emotional eating. Why does eating feel so good in the moment, and then feel so much worse than when you started?

This article I wrote for The Carousel looks at emotional eating, and strategies for finding better ways to manage your emotions.

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Are You Eating Your Emotions?

I was recently interviewed for The Red Hot Truth about how to stop emotional eating.

In this interview, I share my story, as well as offer contructive advice for letting go of bad eating habits and taking control of your life.


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5 Stupid Simple Steps To Banish Sweet Cravings.

This article I wrote was featured in The Carousel. It’s all about how to overcome sweet cravings.

My experience with food cravings was a struggle that lasted 25 years. The worst thing about it is that I felt totally powerless to do anything about them. The cravings always won and I felt compelled to indulge them. 

I spent most of my days promising myself that I would “start tomorrow morning “ only to find myself convinced by late afternoon that “just one more time couldn’t hurt,” or “I could always start again tomorrow.” As you probably guessed, tomorrow never came. 

You can read the whole article here:


Top Tips On How To Stop Overeating When You Feel Tired.

I worte this article for The Carousel, it gives some insight on how to manage your eating when you are fatigued.

If you lose all self-control and overeat when you are tired, you may be stuck in a “fatigue cravings” cycle, finding yourself on the couch, most nights, mindlessly munching on anything you can get your hands on.

And you may be struggling to understand how you are able to eat so healthily during the day and then cave in to your cravings when you feel tired.


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