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Today is International No Diet Day (INDD) and it’s an annual celebration of body acceptance and body shape diversity.

 This day is also dedicated to promoting a healthy life style with a focus on health at any size and in raising awareness of the potential dangers of dieting and the unlikelihood of success.

 This day has significant meaning for me because I have been there in my past and tried so many band-aid diet/solutions and they always failed in helping me to achieve long-lasting results.

And this is because none of these generic ‘weight loss’ programs address the psychological causes of overeating behaviours.

History of No Diet Day

No Diet Day was first started by Mary Evans in 1992. The purpose of the day was to help men and women around the world to appreciate their own bodies.

Having gone through anorexia herself, Mary began Diet Breakers, which is her organization. She then created the first No Diet Day, bringing attention to the cause, and of course, her organization as well.

Now, the day is used to help tackle tough issues regarding diet and body awareness, focusing on a number of agendas. This includes the following…

  • Educating people about the right way to diet responsibly and effectively
  • Having all people take a one-day break from their diets
  • Celebrating the diversity of different shapes and sizes

Bodies can be beautiful at all shapes and sizes, with both the svelte look of the athletic beach nut and the more Grecian and Rubenesque body types merely exemplifying the natural body type.

How to celebrate No Diet Day

Celebrating No Diet Day is best done by recognizing that your own body is beautiful exactly as it is.

  • De-emphasizing your efforts to shed weight to look a particular way, it is far better to celebrate the holiday with efforts at beginning to live a healthier lifestyle altogether.
  • Worry less about your final goal, and more about getting out and being active and keeping your body healthy.
  • Losing weight rapidly or shooting for unrealistic body types is an excellent way of causing yourself harm in the pursuit of greater health.

Instead, love your body by finding active hobbies and love yourself the way you look!

 Focus On Building Healthy Habits

When creating any kind of habit, it’s good to recognise that these habits take time to form and become part of your behaviour.

So, it may take some time for you to see a change.

Healthy eating habits include things like being conscious of sodium intake, trying to eat more vegetables every day, swapping white breads to whole grains, just to name a few.

Healthy eating habits also include eating without guilt and deprivation.

Having a balanced diet is the most sustainable diet.

I encourage you to remember that not all foods are evil or good. Food is just that, food. It has no moral value, and you should always eat.

Let’s start celebrate, accept and love ourselves by recognizing that your own body is beautiful exactly as it is.

Now, I would love to hear from you …

  • How are you celebrating today ?

Please comment, I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

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