Taking Responsibility Is The First Step For Taking Control Of Your Weight!

Taking Responsibility Is The First Step For Taking Control Of Your Weight!

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If you’ve gained weight during the COVID-19 pandemic, you aren’t alone.

 The weight gain that more than 50% of people have experienced since stay-at-home guidelines went into effect—is likely due to a disruption in daily routine, habits and stress and anxiety.

 As a result, many people have been comfort eating to soothe their emotions.

 Its very easy to blame the weight gain on our circumstances.

You see most of us tend to complain about our circumstances, things which are not in our control.

 There are two primary choices in life:

 To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. 

 If you want to change something about yourself, you need to be willing to take full responsibility for yourself. – Akiroq Brost

 So, I invite you took a different approach and “own it” by being honest with yourself

  • Taking 100% responsibility moves you from victim to victor of your life and puts you in the driver’s seat.
  • In other words, taking full ownership and taking complete responsibility for the outcomes you see in your life.

It is your life, your decisions, your actions that will lead way to victory.

Excuses We Make.

Have you ever told yourself ONE OF THESE EXCUSES …?

  • “My whole family is overweight — so it’s in my genes, and it’s just the way I am.”
  • “I don’t have time — I am too busy with work, kids, and my family needs.”
  • “It’s too cold/rainy/ to exercise, and I have no energy left after work.”
  • “I can’t afford it — not in this economic climate.”
  • “I’m over forty and I can’t POSSIBLY lose weight because of my hormones, so I should JUST GIVE UP.”
  • “We can’t eat healthy because the kids are fussy eaters, and I don’t have time to cook.”

I’ve definitely found myself using a few of these excuses, so if you identify with in any of them, you’re not alone.

Lack of Control

The problem is that excuses like those listed above mark a lack of personal responsibility for your circumstances. 

They shift the focus of your problems onto your circumstances— and make you believe that you have no control over the outcome.

And let’s face it, it’s always easier to blame others for your circumstances than to take the responsibility yourself.

Giving Away Your Power

By blaming other people or things, you give away your power. 

Over time, blaming external factors for your circumstances can turn into an automatic response.

This can leave you feeling helpless, powerless, and anxious.

Ultimately, this way of thinking and behaving is a habit. 

Not only can our physical health be negatively affected by our lack of personal responsibility, but our mental and emotional health can also be at risk.

This unhelpful way of thinking can be broken, and you can regain control over your life.

If you’re ready to be the victor of your life here are some ways how to start building personal ownership.

Step 1- Being Honest With Yourself.

Research shows
 that honesty achieves builds trust and positive relationships and most importantly….

Being Honest with Yourself helps you to set goals that you truly want, so you more likely achieve them.

Step 2- Take responsibility for your life

Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

The results you see in your life are created with your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

To take responsibility for your life, is to take responsibility for your thinking, feeling, and acting.

You take responsibility when you accept that the thoughts you have, are your thoughts coming from your mind.

Only then, You have the POWER to change them!

Step 3- Focus On Solutions.

When you focus on solutions you become creative in developing ways to change your life and hence your outcome.

If something is important to you — whether it be your health, fitness, relationship, or happiness — you are capable in finding a way despite any the obstacles you may be facing.

So, next time you’re faced with a challenging situation, try writing down some options or create a plan of action.

And flip yourself talk from “I can’t,” to How can I?”

Be intentional with your everyday choices you and you will build a sense of ownership for your decisions:

For example

  • “I choose to play with my kids after school.”
  • “I choose to go to the gym in the morning.”
  • “I choose to eat healthy food.”

You Always Have A Choice!

By acknowledging your options, you ingrain a sense of personal responsibility and develop conscious decision-making.

Take responsibility for your choices this moment and make the best of it to create the future you want.

 And lastly, take ownership of your life — own your decisions, be willing to fail, and become the change you wish to see.

Now, it’s time for you to be honest with yourself

 – If your weight has crept up and you’re feeling disorganised, you’ll need to end those routines before they become entrenched habits.

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Some call it losing weight. We call it taking charge.

Irena Geller

Emotional Eating Coach

BSc (Biomed), Cert IV (PT), Wellness Coach (Level 3))

I coach 35+ women to put down their fork and pick up their life.  If you want to end your struggles with excess weight, stress and self-belief, using your strengths and capabilities, book a free 15-minute mini-coaching session with me and I’ll show you how to transform your life.






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