The Two Valuable Lessons I learned from Eleen Yaw.

The Two Valuable Lessons I learned from Eleen Yaw.

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Please meet my dear friend Eleen Yaw from Yin Latte Yoga

I had the pleasure of meeting this incredible lady and Yin Yoga teacher in February – 2020 at one of my workshops.

Eleen is a kind, beautiful soul, who is and passionate about her Yoga practice and her gentle presence had me at “hello”

She loves being a full-time mum to two teenagers and her most precious memories are those shared with them.

Eleen’s dream is – “Simply to empower a world of women who embrace and love themselves, from their physical outlook right through to their highest spiritual acknowledgements.”

Today I would like to share two of Eleen’s articles, I am calling them lessons as I believe that we can really benefit from learning these techniques:


  • Lesson #1- “Can We Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Conscious Breathing?”
  • And Lesson #2- “Yin Yoga: I’m Me and I Feel Me.”


Let’s dive in to this beautiful journey with Eleen…

Lesson #1- “Can We Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Conscious Breathing?”

In my experience as a health and wellness coach I have seen HOW Stress and feeling overwhelmed has a profound impact on our mental wellbeing and women tend to be feel the affect, more than men, when it comes to coping with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

I believe that Reducing Stress and Anxiety with conscious breathing is so important to our emotional wellbeing.

Here , Eleen draws on her vast experience of being a Yin Yoga teacher for over 8 years, and she believes conscious breathing is the most fundamental and crucial element of yoga.

She proceeds to explore the “Why” in this article.

“Breath control is common in yoga, tai chi and many forms of meditation. Many people use it to help themselves relax and reduce anxiety. “

I love how Eleen explores these important points about conscious breathing, which I use on a regular basis:

• Can We Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Conscious Breathing?
• So, What Is Conscious Breathing?
• So Why Is Conscious Breathing or Taking Controlled Breaths the Key to Stress Management?


Eleen’s powerful explanation about:” Why Should You Get to Know Yourself Better? “

“Completeness, wholeness often requires a rebalancing and a returning to the centre where I can see my energies and care for my soul.”

Here’s a small snippet from this article and you can discover more here-ENJOY!!:

“Nervous or stressed we can experience shortness of breath, even when we are yoging. However, with mindfulness we can adjust our breathing patterns in order to bring us back to a balanced state. By doing this we learn to cope better with stress and build resilience over time. Stress is unavoidable in this time of ours.”

Lesson #2 -Yin Yoga: I’m Me and I Feel Me.

Eleen and I both believe that when your body, mind, and soul are and cared for, you will feel calm and present.

This article had me intrigued right from the beginning with this thought provoking question :

“Are you aware that knowing what you love about yourself empowers you to live a fuller life?”

The reality is that most of us have been conditioned to take better care of others than we do ourselves.

When your life gets busy, it’s all too easy to cross yourself off your priority list entirely.

Emotionally, a lack of self-care can leave us anxious, depressed and less productive.

My Yin Yoga journey:

I discovered Yin Yoga about three years ago around the same time that I started practising meditation – I was hooked after the first class.

I loved how grounded, present and whole I felt after each class.

The more I practiced Yin Yoga, the more I embraced slowing down and connecting to myself.

Key Yin Yoga benefits:

• Targets connective tissues including fascia, bones, and joints
• Reduces stress
• Increases circulation
• Balances internal organs and improves flow of prana
• Balances our yang or fast-paced physical yoga practice
• Relieves tension
• Improves flexibility
• Encourages mindfulness and meditation

Whats not to love!! 

Let’s dive into to this beautiful story:

I believe that: “You can’t pour from an empty cup – take care of yourself first. “

Below is a short summary of the article.


“I am experiencing it right now… I’m me and I feel me. There is nothing I do not like about myself now. From the imperfect image in the mirror, which does not need any Photoshop, to the fragility I feel about myself, I love it all and I’m grateful for it.”


“I am ME – a woman who wants it all! Meeting all my obligations, expectations and responsibilities, but yet also having the guts to say NO when enough is enough and making self-care a priority.”


“Yin Yoga has taught me to trust my body, as it is the gate keeper to my daily excitements and struggles. My body understands me best.”


“At the end of each practice, I feel much gratitude, love and comfort. I also find the space in me where gentleness and kindness in my mind magnifies and I’m ready to take on more by putting fear and doubts aside. “

You can discover more HERE-ENJOY!!:

I hope that you enjoyed these two lessons as much as I have and apply them to your daly practice.

“If you are ready to take your yoga practice into nurturing stillness, then yin yoga is for you. If you want to improve your flexibility and be able to breathe with a clear purpose in mind, then yin yoga is an excellent way of doing so.”

If you want guidance on HOW to conquer the anxiety of life and learn how to live in the moment, call Eleen @ 0432 298910.

Or visit if you would like to join an in-person, guided meditative yin yoga session.

🙏 Namaste my friends! 🙏

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