Three Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories From Real Women.

Three Inspiring Weight Loss Success Stories From Real Women

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These inspiring real-life stories prove that yes, you CAN lose weight in isolation!

Three inspiring Australian women share how they lost a combined 22 kilograms while at home following the DownsizeMe Program.

 But the most incredible part about their transformations is the positive effect that developing consistent healthy habits and managing their mindset had on their confidence and mood. 

 Because it all starts with a healthy mind

These incredible women found that developing mental strength, making major behavioural changes and prioritising self-care became the greatest gift for their commitment, which is much more than the combined 22 kilograms they dropped.

 Regardless of how many kilos these ladies have lost, doing the DownsizeMe Program has been life-changing for them.

 And that’s because habit-based intervention is the only permanent weight loss solution, and this program really works.

 They all say that the most important tool for them has been the weekly coaching support – it makes all the difference!

 So, let’s hear from these incredible amazing DownsizeMe Graduates…

Belinda Foote, NSW “True Self-care is not chocolate, it’s living a life you don’t need to escape from”

Persistent cravings had been an ongoing challenge for Sydney Personal Trainer and mum, Belinda Foote. Constantly putting others needs and work first, Belinda’s ’s own wellbeing was neglected.

Belinda’s biggest “a-ha” moment was realising that she was neglecting herself.

“I was literally eating my emotions and feeling helpless. I had done many different diets to lose weight but they never addressed your mindset like the DownsizeMe program did.”

Starting to feel uncomfortable as her clothes began to feel tight, Belinda decided to make some changes to her priorities.

 “I felt like I need some help to get back on track with my diet and lose some weight.”

Belinda now makes time for self-care and as a result feels calmer within herself and coping with stress so much better.

‘I never realised how important a self-care routine is. I make time for me now.

Belinda found that whilst doing the DownsizeMe program, she made some really big changes.

“It feels amazing to be more in control”

  • Her mindset has changed as well as her relationship with food
  • Journaling has become her consistent habit and she is aware of her thoughts daily.
  • She understands the difference between emotional and physical hunger.

She said – “I believe that now I have the right mindset to achieve my goals. I no longer eat my emotions, I deal with them and I am so much more confident.”

Congratulations on your success in forming consistent healthy habits Belinda!

You have lost over 5 kilos, dropped 2 dress sizes and you have become resilient BUT best of all you feel in control of your eating, your weight and your life! You go girl!

Miriam Feiler, Singapore – I feel light, calm, focused and I am so much more productive.”

 Weight loss had been an ongoing challenge for Singapore business owner and mum-of-three, Miriam Feiler. Constantly putting her children and work first, Miram’s own wellbeing was neglected. When Covid-19 started, Miriam decided that she was fed up and sick and tired of the daily grind of (busyness and stress) with work and life and clothes that didn’t fit her.

When Miriam started DM, she felt stressed and bloated. She had pre-existing conditions and those existing conditions were caused by weight gain and stress.

Miriam credits her behavioural changes and balancing her hormones and her emotions as one of the main attributes to her weight loss of 7 kilos.

 By examining and reframing Miriam’s limiting beliefs and stuck mindset patterns, she able to rewire her automatic reactions to life’s curveballs and especially stress.

“My body has shrunk and my self-awareness has grown. “

Here are some of the changes Miriam has made:

  • I have learned to eat mindfully
  • I enjoy my healthy way of eating
  • I am so energetic and productive and feel great all the time
  • I am consistent with my exercise, healthy eating and regular food preparation and organization.

So, I’ve actually learned so much about my physiology as well as my emotion. I like that it is not just an eating journey.

What I like most was the weekly coaching and support, and the knowledge and understanding I have gained about how my mind and body work. Irena is a wonderful coach. She’s so empathetic and caring so knowledgeable. so, it’s just been absolutely amazing. The scientific knowledge that you have and bring to the program has been a huge benefit for me.

And I feel that I couldn’t have done it on my own. Having Irena guide me and coach me on a weekly basis and having someone to talk things through is what makes the difference!

Miriam, congratulations on your incredible commitment and the results of 8 week’s great habits!

You have lost over 7 kilos, dropped 3 dress sizes and your new habits are keeping you looking and feeling great. Your productivity ,confidence and energy have doubled – The sky’s the LIMIT for you lovely lady!

Claire Randellin, NSW- “I love that DownsizeMe is a mind, body and lifestyle program that guides you on journey of self-discovery.”  

 For Sydney based teacher and mother of two, Claire Randellin, the stress that came with changing jobs, saw her gain 10 kilos within a year. She was stress snacking and always hungry for something, craving comfort foods, usually junk food or sugary snacks. But her emotional eating always lead to regret, guilt or shame.

She was also mistaking emotional hunger for physical hunger.

Starting to feel uncomfortable in her skin and feeling frumpy Claire decided to make some changes to her priorities.

Claire credits behavioural changes and changing her mindset as the main attributes to her weight loss.

Along with healthy eating and exercise regime, Claire started using mindfulness and daily reflection via journaling a part of her morning routine. The evenings were dedicated to relaxation through yoga and meditation.

 Mindfulness, a clear vision and self-compassion are my secret tools to long term, healthy, guilt-free eating.”

 Here are some of the changes Claire has made:

  • She now understands that emotional hunger comes on suddenly and feels overwhelming or urgent. Physical hunger comes on gradually.
  • When old habits meant having an afternoon sugar hit, Claire now makes time to prepare her own healthy snacks.
  • She has adopted an early morning exercise regime.
  • “Daily exercise IS NOW a priority for me , I find it sets me up for the day with a positive mindset and motivation to stay on track,” explains Claire.
  • Claire is consistent with preparation of healthy food.

 Claire, congratulations on your focus and commitment and the results of  your 8 week’s great habits!

You have lost 10 kilos, dropped 3 dress sizes and your commitment to making time for relaxation and self-care, no matter how chaotic the world around you may seem is commendable!

You are now feeling lighter, confident, productive , physically strong and relaxed – In your world everything is possible!

These Inspiring Ladies Are 22 Kilos Lighter and Feel A Lot Happier!

  They Lost The Weight With Three Simple Steps!

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  Some call it losing weight. We call it taking charge.

 Once you learn these THREE THINGS – you’ll have weight loss figured out.

Yours in health,⁠ 

Irena Geller⁠ ⁠
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