A New Path: How One Woman Lost Over 10kgs With A Change of Mindset

A New Path: How One Woman Lost Over 10kgs With A Change of Mindset

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  • One woman’s journey from yo-yo diets and a spirit-crushing obsession with weight to a happy, healthy rebirth.

Imagine what your life would be like if you knew how to address your emotions, build consistent healthy eating habits, and had the tools for handling tough situations that don’t include turning to food.

That’s exactly what happened to Miriam Feiler, a mother of three and successful business owner, when she threw away her diet books, overcame her ongoing weight loss challenges and went from feeling stressed, bloated, and fed up with clothes that didn’t fit her to being 10 kilos lighter and a lot happier!

Developing consistent habits with exercise, healthy eating, and regular food preparation she now feels light, calm, and focused.

She lost 10kg and 12% body fat without going hungry in just 12 short weeks.

“I feel light, calm, focused and I am so much more productive. My body has shrunk, and my self-awareness has grown.” Miriam said


Miriam credits her behavioural changes and balancing her hormones and her emotions as one of the main attributes to her weight loss of 10 kilos.

The Challenges

Weight loss had been an ongoing challenge for Singapore business owner and mum-of-three, Miriam Feiler. Constantly putting her children and work first, Miram’s own wellbeing was neglected.

The Long Road to Better Health

When Miriam started DM, she was fed up with quick fix diets. She had dieted in the past, and often done well short term then, sooner, or later, she would return to her old habits.

 “I’ve had issues with my weight my whole life and I haven’t been able to get on top of it on my own. I’ve got hyperthyroidism and I after three gestational diabetes pregnancies I was heading for diabetes” she said

“Fortunately, NOW my levels are stable and my doctor is pleased.”

That felt really frustrating for Miriam, because she knew what you what to do, she just didn’t know where to start and wasn’t sure how to get out of the emotional eating cycle.

“When I would feel any emotion, I was in the habit of just going to the kitchen, opening the fridge and comforting myself with food. – I had no awareness about my habits and the effect they were having on my weight”

Miriam light bulb moment was:

And as you get older, your body change and losing weight gets harder. I’m in my mid 40s right now “

Taking control

Miriam had two inspiring reasons to lose weight :

1. Her son’s upcoming Barmitzvah


2. Miriam wanted  to look great and feel confident being on stage as a key note speaker.

“I had a goal at the beginning of the year to really build up my business as a keynote speaker.  I wanted to feel and look fantastic on stage and  l wanted to improve my health and improve my family’s health. I wanted to be emotionally and physically strong. In strength is power. I want to feel powerful.”


Miriam’s Success Summary

“My body has shrunk and my self-awareness has grown.”

 Miriam said :

“For me, this is not just a weight journey. This is a wellness journey. That’s what I love about the DownsizeMe Program , that  it is totally holistic. So, you know, in terms of the benefits, it is body, mind and soul for me.”

Starring  in a Youttube commercial recently – Miriam was looking good and feeling great , beaming with confidence when she was featured in “Unlimited Video Calls For Teams of All Personalities | Lark 

Youtube video, you can watch it  here..

Miriam’s BIG Achievements:

1. Weight Loss -Losing 10 kilos and adopting healthy habits for herself and her family.

“To date, I’ve lost over 10kg and 3 dress sizes and I am feeling so confident. I can fit into a dress that I bought in NY 3 years ago and it now looks great”

2. Healthy Eating Habits – Miriam knows  that when she eats healthy she feels calm and laser focused at the same time.

Miriam said :

“I know what I need to eat and how to tweak my eating according to my physical activity and that time of the month. So, now I feel confident and listen to my body’s physical signals.”

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s not something you get to stop.”

And best of all …“Interestingly, my new eating regime, have seen my triglyceride levels drop from an unhealthy 207 to a very excellent 129, My doctor is delighted.”

3.Consistent exercise habit 

Miriam said:

“Exercise energises me and calms my over-thinking mind down. Since January I have been training three times a week. A mix of bodybuilding, personal training in a gym and boot camp. In addition, I walk whenever I can. I try to walk 45 minutes a day. “

“When you lose weight, you get more physical energy. Which means you can give more energy to your family to yourself. Energy is a big thing.”

Miriam’s Big Inspiration was to be a good role model for her family

She said:

“I am a firm believer in modelling behaviour, if my relationship with food and with myself, is positive then my kids will have a positive relationship with food too.”

What Worked 

Miriam said :

“By focusing on becoming healthier instead of obsessing over the scale, my diet and activity choices felt so much more important. And I didn’t feel trapped by some temporary, flawed ‘diet.’”

What Didn’t Work

Miriam said :

 Worrying about weight-loss plateaus. “It was more important to me to learn a new, sustainable lifestyle.”

Words of Wisdom:

The weekly coaching sessions and accountability was a game changer for Miriam

She said :

“What I like most was the weekly coaching and support, and the knowledge and understanding I have gained about how my mind and body work.  Irena  is a wonderful coach. She’s so empathetic and caring so knowledgeable, so, it’s just been absolutely amazing. ”

This is what Miriam had to say about the Weekly Accountability and Support :

” And I feel that I couldn’t have done it on my own. Having Irena guide me and coach me on a weekly basis and having someone to talk things through is what makes the difference! “

It’s a wellness journey Miriam said:

What I love about the Downsize Program is it’s not just about food, the program is the way I live my life now. I highly recommend the DownsizeMe Program, it’s not just a diet, I’ve always felt that it’s a wellness journey

Miriam is on FIRE, she feels happy, productive and getting so much done and she is SUPER proud of being a great role model to her children!

And she has recently created a NEW VISION BOARD, which I would like to share with you.

And I am super proud of Miriam ‘s achievements!

 And Miriam isn’t the only one doing this.

Women, particularly in the age group of 35-55 years old, have had enough of dieting merry go round and want a sustainable, proven, evidence-based method, they realise they need to change the habits that are driven by their emotional state in order to achieve a permanent weight loss solution. (to lose weight and keep it off).

They want to be happier, more confident, and have greater self-esteem — and they’re willing to do the work to get there. They are interested in learning the lifestyle skills they need to manage overwhelm and stress and understand how their mental health impacts weight loss.

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You have nothing to lose except perhaps some weight, simply by forming some healthy lifestyle habits.

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